Marketing tools are an essential part of every successful content marketing strategy. Some help in boosting creativity, while others optimize your time and save you energy. You might even find a tool that helps refine your content and engage more readers.

Clever Touch believes that sharing is caring! Let’s jump into the top 10 content creation tools on the web and see what they can offer you and your business.


content creation tools

The Top 10 Free Content Creation Tools

Creating content is an exciting game and at other times, an all-consuming one. The tools below offer a web of support around the process:

1. HubSpot

As content creators, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with fresh objectives or even basic new topics to cover. The HubSpot generator is in tune with this and is there to back you up when your mind is only drawing blanks.

We like to refer to the HubSpot as the “burn-out buster.” The generator’s algorithm uses specific criteria based on your input and saves the day by providing you topics in return.

It’s completely free, easy to navigate and only takes a few minutes to use.

2. Piktochart

Maybe you’re a small business and don’t have the budget to hire a professional graphic designer. Piktochart picks up the slack creating high-quality visuals including infographics.

The platform offers pre-sized templates and highly-customizable options to fit your social media marketing campaigns. It’s intuitive yet clever, providing you a variety of features while making the data input process straightforward.

Unique, stand-out visuals are a crucial component to garnering an online audience. Take advantage of a Piktochart package to be sure your company is seen.

3. SocialPilot

We love tools that build momentum on their own and work to maximize our audience.

One of the best ways for this to happen is with a well-crafted social media marketing strategy and that’s exactly what SocialPilot is all about.

Many small businesses or start-ups don’t have the time or energy to invest heavily in their own social media campaigns from start to finish. With SocialPilot, you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day scheduling of posts or analyzing the results.

Stuck on content ideas? The company can handle that and more, and all at a “pocket-friendly” cost.

4. Playbuzz

Playbuzz is unique in that it’s focused on users having an interactive experience. Anything from quizzes to games, these fun tidbits can be more than just sheer entertainment.

They can grow your audience in a light-hearted manner while sharing information in a way that’s anything from boring. In fact, the company claims that users spend around two minutes and 17 seconds with their pieces.

This is opposed to the industry average quoted at 15 seconds. You’re up against dwindling attention spans and boatloads of competitive content. An interactive piece by Playbuzz could make a difference.

5. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo helps you assess and analyze what’s trending in your sector. This puts you a step ahead of your competitors, lending you a hand in the content creation process.

One of BuzzSumo’s stand-out features is identifying influencers to potentially partner with, maximizing your reach over time. You also get to track your competitor’s content and compare it to help you achieve optimal results.

We love this tool for editorial planning and scheduling. This can help amplify your reach within the market.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is the ultimate web-based content creation and editing tool, which has helped us here at Clever Touch, more times than we can count.

It comes as an app or as a browser extension or even as a Microsoft Word add-in.

Not only does it meticulously check for grammatical issues, but it also searches for redundant text and synonyms for a creative touch. There’s an anti-plagiarism feature to boot.

Choose the free version or take it up a notch with Grammarly Premium. Either way, your company is sure to benefit.


Imagine you’re lazily scrolling through Facebook and come across a stunning infographic. Chances are, you’re likely to click on it, right?

Presenting straight data in a visual form caters to our penchant of all-things-pretty! Humans love it and you can take advantage of that with the help of It’s

versatility, accessible and easy of use.

No need to be a graphic designer before approaching the platform, it’s user-friendly and comes with a soft learning curve. Choose between a free or paid version.

8. Visme

Visme covers the visual spectrum and they’re not only known for unique, beautiful infographics.

Are you a small to medium-sized business looking to grow and engage your target audience? Visme might help you get there. You also have the chance to build icons, flow charts, presentations and more.

There are hundreds of templates to get you started and over a million images/icons at your disposal. You can even animate graphics if you’d like to take the fun up a notch. Once you complete your entire design, it only takes one click to download and share.

9. ThingLink

Similar to Visme, ThingLink is an innovative tool that helps you create interactive, motion graphics and animations.

It specializes in hoverable or clickable graphics that show additional content. This is an awesome choice if you want to include more information on your page without it looking too cluttered or crowded.

ThingLink also handles videos and 360-degree media options, sure to help you stand out among the crowd. The company then turns around and measures your results to make sure your content remains on top.

10. Pixabay

Sometimes, that Google image search just doesn’t have what you need. Other times, you might find the perfect picture, but you have to pay for it. Well, that’s where Pixabay saves the day.

The platform gives you access to over one million free stock photos and illustrations—all royalty-free. This is wonderful when you want a picture or two to brighten up a blog or social media post.

Pixabay is our favorite because of its easy-to-navigate website and the wide variety of high-quality images made available.

content creation tools

Build Your Toolkit Now

Content marketing is on the rise and a proper toolkit can help rocket launch your business ahead of your competitors.

Make an impact, engage your audience and expand your reach by taking advantage of these cutting edge tools. Each one has something to offer from editorial feedback to graphics and more.

Could your company use further support in content creation? Clever Touch is ready and waiting to help you. Our stellar writing team is filled with experts within their given fields, churning out high-quality content on a daily basis.

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