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Let's talk about your social fortress

Your social media accounts are where all the action happens. Building up your social fortress—sounds awe-inspiring, right?—can make all the difference in your visibility, rankings, and traffic.

What Is a Social Fortress?

Your social fortress consists of all your social media accounts on high-authority, high-DR websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Think about it: these sites are among the most-visited in the world. 


You know when you search or a certain keyword and you get first-page results that are social media platforms? That could be your business.


Your social fortress is also a place where you can engage with your target audience and build your site authority. If you’re lucky, you can end up going viral—a quick and simple way to generate traffic and awareness.

Why Outsource Social Media?

Unfortunately, this is another facet of SEO in marketing that requires ongoing maintenance, and something many of us find ourselves short on—time. 


You might be a pro at managing your own pages, but the content for a professional account is all-together different from that which you post on a personal account. 


Also, let’s face it: setting up social media is a lot trickier than it used to be. If you skip the activation email, don’t set up your information in a certain way, or log in regularly, it can get flagged as suspicious—leaving you locked out of your account.


Finally, If you’re not hitting the right keywords in your posts or if you allow your accounts to go dark, you won’t see the results you’re after. 

Social Media Management 

We would be delighted to begin building your social fortress with you. Our comprehensive social media management package includes:

Custom Designed Posts

Our in-house graphic designer will be responsible for producing 30 posts to share across your social media channels. 


Each post is 100-percent unique with your logo and branding included, and sized appropriately for each platform (e.g., LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc).

Customizable to Your Needs

Are you looking to share new posts from your blog directly to your social fortress? What about targeting a specific platform to monetize, such as Pinterest?


Our expert team can recommend the best strategy to build an epic social fortress you can be proud of. We’re happy to manage your accounts across such popular platforms such as:


  • Facebook.

  • Pinterest.

  • Twitter.

  • LinkedIn.

  • Reddit.

  • Instagram.


We welcome your input: if you have a certain app you want to try out, or a posting schedule in mind, feel free to share.

Engaging Posting Schedule 

We guarantee your social fortress won’t go dark or get stale. We don’t duplicate posts, meaning the same content won’t crop up on different platforms on the same day.

SEO-Friendly Content and Text 

Each post includes three relevant hashtags including the name of your business and SEO-friendly content to rank high. We make sure to optimize every post to the subject, whether we’re sharing an article from your blog or a new service you’re offering.

Monthly Report 

At the end of each month, we deliver a report to you that includes:


  • A folder of including copies of all the posts we have made for you to use and redistribute if you want.

  • Links to all of the posts made across your social fortress.

  • Increases or changes in traffic to your site from your well-maintained platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How Much Does Social Media Management Cost?


Social media management costs $299.99 per month.


#2. How Many Platforms Do You Manage?


We can handle up to 10 platforms for you.



#3. Is Each Post Unique?


Yes, we create custom posts with your logo and branding and resize them appropriately for each platform. 


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