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What Are SEO Services?

Search engine optimization services are what we do to optimize your website for search engines.

The SEO health of your website is impacted by all sorts of factors and can be separated into two categories:


First, there is technical SEO, which includes things like fixing 404-page errors and performing a responsiveness test. Next, there’s the sort that we as an SEO agency are most familiar with: content. That consists of amending content, short or nonexistent meta tags, and search-engine friendly URL structuring.

Are SEO Services Worth It?

Although as a company we tend to focus on working directly with affiliate niche sites to cover all aspects of digital marketing, SEO services can be a benefit to any website.


The fact is, SEO ranking isn’t just for SEO conversion content: it’s a crucial marketing strategy that can make or break your business. Poor SEO has a knock-on effect on everything else—low positions in SERPs translates to less organic search traffic to your website. Traffic is hugely important, after all, that’s what will convert into leads and sales for your business.


Every business, regardless of the type of niche, needs online marketing to succeed in today’s world.


Foot traffic is significantly lower than ever before, even for a business with a physical location. With that in mind, online marketing is crucial and a comprehensive SEO strategy should be at the forefront of that.


Our extensive experience with SEO best practices applies across the board. We appreciate that your products or services are unique, and our team delivers custom SEO tailored to your niche and website (e.g., business, educational, affiliate, etc). We’re up to date with the latest search engine trends to guarantee optimal on-page SEO.

What SEO Services Do We Provide?

Our SEO team is capable of delivering everything you need to appease increasingly demanding search engines. We’ll begin with a free site audit and provide you with a comprehensive report and how to fix each and every single issue.


From there onwards, you can choose whether to proceed by yourself or outsource some or all of the tasks to our team of competent professionals.


Excellent SEO health relies on a multitude of different factors combined, and you want to hit them all to ensure your website has the best advantage over your competitors.


The list of things covered within SEO is huge, but here’s some of what we address with our bulletproof SEO strategy:

  • Title Tag Optimization

  • Meta Tags Creation

  • Website Content Analysis

  • Link Anchor Text Analysis and Optimization

  • Logo-ALT Tag Optimization

  • Images Alt Tags Optimization

  • Page Not Found Analysis and Fixes

  • Redirect chain fixes

  • AMP setup

  • HTTP to HTTPS Analysis

  • Installation of SSL Certificates

  • Search Engine Friendly URL Structure

  • Header and Footer Navigation Optimization

  • Basic Schema Implementation

  • User Sitemap Analysis

  • Responsiveness Test

  • GSC Installation

  • Google Analytics Setup

  • Internal linking structure analysis

  • Internal Link Optimization

  • Broken Link Fixes

  • Orphan Page Fixes

  • GMB Setup

  • Speed Test

  • Website Indexation Test

  • Indexing Pages in Google

  • Backlink Analysis

What Are The Different SEO Services?

The services we offer cover managing, updating, and maintaining all aspects of your website that matter for SEO. The end goal is to get your company ranking high on search results to spike your traffic and bring you business.


Our packages are:

  • Monthly SEO Management
  • Link Building

We’re SEO specialists, and we’re confident about providing different packages to fit a diverse range of budgets and objectives. We’re also happy to discuss the possibility of custom SEO packages in conjunction with our other related services.

Monthly Management Service

Good health requires an investment of time and effort, and SEO is no exception to the rule. For a fixed fee, we will maintain your website’s SEO health to keep it above 90 percent. 


This package includes our standard SEO services on an ongoing basis. We run weekly audits and address errors as and when they come up. If you’re running an affiliate site and you’re looking for something similar on the content side, we suggest our full content management package. Much like our SEO management, it entails ongoing keyword research, direct-to-site upload, and everything else required to keep your website’s content optimized in all respects.


Likewise, we also offer a social media management package that also compliments both or SEO and content management services. We will produce and post content directly to your social channels 365 days per year. With all three of these aspects covered, you have the makings of a recipe for online success.


There is only one thing missing:



Backlink Building

Backlinks are a crucial component of search engine optimization. High DR-backlinks will build your domain authority, which improves your position within the SERPs.


As an SEO agency, we’re familiar with all the strategies for acquiring backlinks. We can go about building your backlink profile in one of three ways:

Manual Outreach

Although it’s a tried-and-true strategy to enhance SEO, we respect that most business owners don’t have the time it takes to invest in natural link building. Therefore, we can put in the hours on your behalf.


Which option you would prefer to go with is entirely at your discretion. We can do all three, or whichever choice suits you the most.


Note that the skyscraper and guest post outreach will require additional written content, which you would have to pay the agreed-upon price for as well as the time spent on the outreach itself.


There are three ways we can to do outreach for link building to improve your SEO:



Registering under your name to HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and answering questions within your niche, in hopes that you’ll land a killer link. You provide us with all the details and an email address to work from, and we’ll send you reports on our progress so that you know how many and which queries have been answered.


With daily opportunities to answer queries, this technique is tried and tested and one we use for our own company. In fact, we’ve gained multiple links with an 80+ DR from this method alone.


A few of those and you are guaranteed significant traffic gains!


2. Skyscraper

Skyscraper outreach is the preferred method of link acquisition for the majority of SEO gurus. The problem is, it takes a significant amount of effort not everyone has the time for. That’s where we come in.


First of all, through targeted keyword research, we find the best possible keywords in your niche to target. Then, we find your biggest competitor (in terms of link profile) that’s ranking for that keyword. We then produce high-level, informational content with infographics specifically designed to target the competitor articles.


Afterward, we use a combination of tools to vet all the websites linking to the competitor article in question, acquire direct email addresses in order to contact them and reach out with a request that they link to yours instead.


Cheeky? Maybe. But does it work? You bet it does!


You’ll receive a full contact list of every website we have contacted and what the response is for your reference.


3. Guest Posts

Guest posting offers multiple benefits to your business.


Firstly, they are a brilliant way to spike SEO by getting backlinks from other sites. 


Secondly, you can build partnerships that can benefit your business long-term. Lastly, by sharing your expertise across multiple sites you will improve your E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). Demonstrating good E-A-T on not only your own site but others as well can significantly improve your position in SERPs.


We guest post on websites in the same niche under your name or site person. We only use sites with a minimum of DR 30 and traffic of 1000 hits per month.


You tell us all about your business and website, how you want us to write the guest posts (feel free to send samples of your writing) and we’ll manage the rest. As with the other methods, we send you reports on what responses we have received to keep you up-to-date.


Manual Outreach Disclaimer

With outreach methods such as these to build up your website’s SEO health, we can’t guarantee you a certain number of links. For example, on HARO, as you can’t ascertain where your response will be published—if at all. You may end up lucky and get on a website with 70 DR, or you may end up on a website with minimal traffic. 


These are the most natural, white-hat methods for link-building and can work wonders for your SEO. However, they do require a time investment, which is the part we can help you with.


We can come up with a package for you to dedicate a certain number of hours per week to doing outreach for your business.


Each service we provide in this category is accompanied by detailed reports so that you know what we’re doing and the time our staff is dedicating to building your SEO through outreach

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How Much Does it Cost for SEO Services?

That will depend on how many of our search engine optimization services you opt to use. If you opt to use related services we provide, such as full content management, we can negotiate a discounted price. Other services, such as Manual Outreach, are priced based on the hours invested.

#2. Can I Choose Different SEO Services?

Yes, absolutely. We’re happy to adapt our services to meet your needs. You can call us to discuss how we can implement search engine optimization to suit your goals and budget.

#3. What Experience Does Your Team Have?

Our SEO team is familiar with the inner workings of keyword research, technical SEO, and on-page optimization across a wide range of fields and niches, from business websites to affiliate marketing sites. 

We know how search engines work, and, as a digital marketing agency, we understand how to improve and maintain websites to get spot-on SEO and to get them ranking high in search results.


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