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What Is SEO Content Writing?


SEO conversion content—which can include anything from social media posts to skyscraper articles and blog posts—is written to rank high on search engines. We don’t need to tell you that search engine rankings, especially on big names like Google, can make all the difference when it comes to boosting traffic, acquiring leads, and increasing your ROI.

Why Choose SEO Content From Clever Touch Marketing?

Well, we’re awesome—but there’s more to us than that.


Creating content is our bread and butter. We’ve been working almost exclusively with affiliate sites across a wide variety of niches, from health and fitness to parenting. and many others. Our team consists of experienced SEO content writers and editors who know how to produce fresh content each and every single time.


We’re also currently recommended by Authority Hacker as a content provider.


Finally, search engine optimization is a crucial strategy to establish your online business presence and get you noticed by search engines. Content marketing and SEO are directly interlinked: in fact, you can’t have one without the other.


That’s why it’s important to select a content provider that fully understands how content SEO works and stays current with search engine trends. For example, Google algorithms change on a regular basis—what worked before might actually hurt your content ranking now. We pride ourselves on staying aware of evolving content marketing trends to apply and update our approach to crafting outstanding SEO content.


We’re also all about customer service.


By working with our agency, you will have more time on your hands to focus on your business. With a dedicated project manager, you get all-round concierge service. No more managing multiple writers and editors, you only deal with one person and we handle the rest.

We will do everything—from creating your beautiful content to proofreading and editing, to ensuring it’s 100% plagiarism and error-free. We will even publish your articles directly into your WordPress blog for you!


Are you eager to get started? Let’s delve into our content marketing strategies to transform your website:


Keyword Research Service

Keyword research ensures you’re hitting the right terms to get your content number one on Google’s search results.


We begin with a content audit and analysis, using both Ahrefs and SEMrush to see the current gap in your existing content. We then use competitor analysis to find the types of keywords and topics that are popular search terms within your target audience and buyer personas.


Next, we build a list of appropriate keywords to target that won’t duplicate existing content. We also come up with suggested titles and word counts for articles based on these keywords.


If you have a new site, we can handle the entirety of your keyword research to produce a solid foundation for SEO content that’s guaranteed to appease demanding search engines. We’ll research must-include keywords for your entire site, including pillar content or hub pages, breaking down subtopics and continuing as detailed above.


SEO Content Marketing

SEO Content Creation


We’re proud to have developed an optimized content creation process to produce premium content. Our meticulous team ensures that your guidelines and specifications. We have a full-time, in-house team that includes writers and editors so you don’t have to worry about double-checking your content for errors or plagiarism. We grant our staff access to tools such as Grammarly and Copyscape to guarantee flaw-free, 100% original SEO content.

We have comprehensive writing goals that are updated alongside SEO trends, and we have an established content creation process to ensure that each and every title is given the attention and due diligence it deserves.

Our team has experience using tools such as Surfer SEO and understands how to optimize each piece of content for SEO practices such as Natural Language Processing (NLP).

In terms of pricing, we offer packages for clients and projects of all types, and our top-tier packages include services that most agencies don’t offer like long-form infographics, direct uploading into WordPress and integrating with plugins such as AAWP and WPRM.

Our SEO content articles:


  • Rank high on the first page of Google through extensive research with high authority citations.
  • Increase on-page time with content that’s engaging, relatable, and informative.
  • Convert into sales with copy based around the foundational principles of consumer psychology.
  • Remain at a consistent quality and meet SEO requirements, prepared by the same qualified editors and writers.
  • Encourage social shares by your target audience to expand your consumer base and build brand loyalty.

Editing and Proofreading Existing Content 

Although we include editing as standard in all of our content creation services, we also offer editing and proofreading as a separate service.

Our attentive editors would be delighted to look over your existing content and improve it where necessary.

Proofreading Services

You tell us what you want to be checked, whether it’s content on your website, copy you’ve purchased from a freelancer or a 5,000-word skyscraper article—we’re open to anything.

You don’t want to post content riddled with errors or dead links. Rather than have content drafted from scratch, have it proofread instead. Then, one of our experienced editors will meticulously review the content and leave comments where appropriate for your reference. They’ll check all aspects of the content, including:


  • Spelling and grammar.
  • Flow (how well the text reads).
  • Sources (if links are valid and appropriate).
  • Formatting.

Our proofreading services do not include amending or revising the text, or optimizing it for SEO. We simply point out anything that needs addressing for you or your team to manage.

Editing Services

You send us the content you want us to rework and explain what you’re looking for.

For example, you may have content prepared by different individuals on your website. In that case, our editors could ensure everything sounds the same in terms of tone and style to ensure consistency across the board. They can also amend the articles to keep the formatting, source style, and keyword density consistent.

Uniformity is important for any website, but even more so for affiliate sites with a persona behind them. You want everything to sound like it came from the same person, right?

We can also optimize for SEO using Surfer. You provide us with your Surfer templates and we optimize the content accordingly. For example, you can update that outdated website you just bought with Surfer SEO to improve its position in SERPs.

Social Media Management 

Your social media accounts are where all the action happens. You can share your content (blog posts or otherwise), direct readers to your site to increase on-page traffic, and build up your audience.

This is another facet of SEO in marketing that requires ongoing maintenance and something many of us don’t have much of—time.

You might be a pro at managing your own pages, but the content for a professional account is all-together different from that which you post on a personal account. Our fully-managed social media service includes:


  • Custom-designed posts.
  • Progress reports and updates.
  • SEO-friendly content and text.
  • Posting schedule according to your preference (e.g. number of posts per day).

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Why Choose Clever Touch Marketing?

Consider us a concierge service to meet all of your content needs. We can handle everything from writing and editing to uploading completed articles to your website.


There are packages to suit entrepreneurs of all budgets and demands. Whether you want us to build up your authority site from scratch or deliver high-quality, top-ranking articles for a special project, we’re ready for the challenge.

#2. What’s Your Turnaround Time?

We require one week for writing and one week for editing to ensure each article meets our high standards for content.

#3. Are There Discounts?

Yes, we are open to discussing and negotiating discounts for our packages. A popular combination for many of our clients is our SEO management service and full content management service.

#4. How Do I Order?

We pride ourselves on providing customer service that goes above and beyond. No automated emails or requests to “check the website” here. Contact us to arrange a call with one of our managers to discuss your content strategy. Then, we’ll send you an order form to input your titles and invoice you—it’s as simple as that.

#5. How Do I Pay?

All payments are made through PayPal or Transferwise. Payment plans will vary depending on the services you choose.

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