Why Long Form Content Ranks Better

When you are looking to promote your business through content marketing, there are many factors to consider. How you rank is one of those factors. With social media platforms transforming the online world, you might think your best game plan for boosting your online status would be to keep to your shortest thoughts and ideas. However, when it comes to promoting your business, experts believe long form content is the way forward.

This article will explain the reasons why long form content ranks better and how your business can benefit from it.

why long form content ranks better

What Is Long Form Content?

Just a few years ago, the best way to reach the top pages in search results was simple. Write out as many 300-500 word articles as you can, using all the relevant keywords.

But then when people looked up anything online, they wouldn’t get the answers they needed. So the criteria for the top search result changed. Now, to be the best, you need to write in depth.

Research, from companies such as Moz or Hubspot, indicates that long form content can be determined as posts with a word count in excess of 1000 words. However, most writers would say, depending on the topic, 1500 is a realistic figure.

It’s this type of content that achieves more reactions and shares from an audience than posts with, say, 300 words. However, there are plenty of other advantages aside from what you’ll gain on social media. The ultimate goal with long form content is, essentially, more and better user engagement.

Long form content is one of the best ways to market yourself and reach a wider audience. If you think that’s just a lot of pointless effort, there’s plenty of evidence which shows it’s exactly the opposite.

Ranking: How It Works and Why It’s important

According to a study from serpIQ, the top 10 results in all search engine results (SERPs) related to content with over 2,000 words. Which means that having long form content helps you have an better chance of getting ranked on search engines.

Plus, if you think about it, this works out well for you. People rarely visit the second page of search results when there are already plenty of answers on the first one.

Which means that the closer you are to the best result, the better it is for business. The details of the algorithm that’s used to rank the websites is very complicated. But if you follow this guide, reaching a higher rank shouldn’t be an issue for you.

But only talk about things that serve a purpose. If you try to talk about anything under the sun, you won’t fare well. So make sure that you stick to your chosen niche and form your identity around it.

Confused? It’s simple, really.

If your brand is about furniture, you should talk about furniture, and interior design, right? Let’s say that you’re selling the hottest end-tables right now. All of your content is focused on how to style them, where to put the tables, etc.

If you suddenly start talking about the best smoothies that will help you lose weight, people will be puzzled. Not only that, but they also won’t take you seriously. Because what brand of furniture would give dietary advice to their customers? That’s exactly how you end up losing clients.

Instead, if you talk about future furniture trends or other household items you’re producing, you’ll do much better. Your audience will know your brand, thanks to your content.

And when they need a new table for the nursery or the deck, they’ll seek you out among the competition. Because, thanks to your content, you’ve shown you really know what you’re talking about.

why long form content ranks better

Top #5 Reasons Why Long Form Content Ranks Better

1. Credibility Raises the Rankings

If you discuss a topic you’re knowledgeable about, at length, you’ll appear much more credible. Search engines, especially Google, love bringing traffic to websites of this nature.

This means that more people are going to read your content, and, in turn, share it with others. Especially if the readers find the topic, and the person that’s talking about it, more trustworthy.

Essentially, when you’re talking about a topic where you’re the expert, you’ll be seen as an authority on the said subject. This is what gives you credibility with your audience and improves your ranking.

2. Quality Long Form Content Gains Followers

Another important asset with long form content is adding value to your audience. Any reader appreciates content that offers information to broaden their knowledge and gives meaning to a topic.

Look back on the last thing you remember reading online. Was it the short piece regarding a certain celebrity’s most recent outrageous tweet? Or was it an article that covered something you’re interested in with great detail? I’m guessing it was the latter. And there’s plenty of research suggesting the same.

Would you prefer to make an appearance at the top of the ranks when someone is looking for the exact product you’re offering? Or do you want your topic of expertise to be the best answer to a question someone has? You can achieve this goal with long form content.

Search engines reward any long form content that really provides value to the reader. Plus, when your information is resourceful your audience will often return, giving you more hits and, ultimately, a better rank.

The only catch is that your content must be of high quality; you want your readers to keep reading. How can you ensure your content reflects the professionalism and knowledge you have of your business if you’re focused on other priorities?

3. More Keyword Opportunities with Long Form Content

When it comes to better ranking, keywords are major players. In short, these are the main words or phrases which readers use when searching online for their specific topic, article or website. Researching and incorporating those of relevance can help your content rank better.

Now, as we’ve already discussed, long form content posts are word-rich. This means you have greater scope to include several of them throughout. This is in contrast to shorter posts. These cover less information, therefore you’ll be limited to fewer options.

4. Long Form Content Means More Backlinks

Another aspect that search engines really value is backlinks. If you’ve not come across this term before, these are web links from other sites which connect to yours.

After you talk about a subject at length, which we already mentioned, the audience will know who you are in a crowd. They will know what your brand and your business are about. And that’s how you can form your brand’s identity. After that, you can link to articles that are related to your type of content, to add meaningful backlinks.

All in all, practically anyone can write bite-sized content with minimal experience in a few hours. But if you’re looking for a detailed guide, or an answer, you should turn to the experts. At Clever Touch Marketing, we have plenty of those in all fields, so you can turn to us in your time of need.

5. Long Form Content Boosts Time on Site

By offering content which is genuinely helpful and interesting for your readers means they will spend more time on your website. This is another way that you can increase the credibility and trust in your customers, as well as in search engines.

Search engines can track how much time each person spends on your website. Providing long form content is great for business. It shows the search engines that you’ve got everything the users were searching for. Plus there’s no need for the reader to look further than your business to find what they need.

When users spend a short amount of time on your site, search engines are notified that your content is irrelevant to that particular search query. Or even that it was just bad content, which leads to lower rankings. It’s an issue that regularly occurs with short pieces, which only take a few minutes to read.

why long form content ranks better

Long Form Content — What You Can Do

Now we’ve seen why long form content ranks better, and when you get it right it has the ability to increase your conversion rates, your leads and your SEO score.

Of course, lengthy articles and blog posts are time consuming to create. This is where professionals in content marketing can help you and your brand. They know the best SEO practices. Plus they should be familiar with what engages the reader and what leads them to zone out.

In a nutshell, these professionals know what it takes to make your business stand out on the first page of search results. As a result, this should improve your leads, your engagements, and your sales so you can get to the top of your industry.

Instead of spending your time setting up goals for the content, you can concentrate on your business goals.

If you are looking to incorporate long form content into your marketing plan, Clever Touch Marketing can support your business needs. Contact us today, to find out how we can help you reach a better rank.

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