These days Google doesn’t mess around and you shouldn’t either.

If you want a real boost in your rankings, then you absolutely NEED high DR backlinks!

We have two options for link building:

#1 – Manual Outreach

Outreach is the most natural and white-hat tactic for earning awsome links. Of course, it can be incredibly time consuming but if you can make that investment, it is super worth it.

There are three ways to do outreach for linkbuildng:

1. Registering under your name to HARO and and answering questions within your niche, in hopes that you’ll land a killer link in your niche.
2. Producing high-level, informational content via Skyscraper articles with infographics specifically designed to target competitor articles. Then, we reach out to all the websites linking to the competitor article in question and request they link to yours instead.
3. Guest-posting on websites in the same niche under your name.
Which option you would prefer to go with is entirely at your discretion. We can do all three, or whichever choice suits you the most.
The Skyscraper method and the guest post method will require additional written content, which you would have to pay the agreed-upon price for as well as the time spent on outreach itself.
With HARO, it would only be a question of paying for outreach, which is invoiced for on an hourly basis.
Regardless of which strategy you opt for, we can send you weekly reports on which websites have been contacted, what responses we have received, etc.
However, with outreach methods such as these we can’t guarantee you a certain number of links. For example, on HARO, as you can’t guarantee where your response will be published, you may end up lucky and get on a website with 70 DR, or you may end up on a website with minimal traffic. 
These are the most natural method for link-building, but they do require a time investment (which is what we can help with).
We can come up with a package for you to dedicate a certain number of hours per week to doing outreach for you. 

#2 Manual Link Placement

With our service, we manually create powerful permanent web 2.0 profile links from some of the biggest DA 60-100 Authority sites on the planet like:

  • Adobe
  • Flickr
  • Vimeo
  • TED
  • WordPress and much more!

What’s included?

93% of clients saw rankings increase within 40-60 days timeframe

54% (Low comp.) Ranked on the first page

100% SAFE, White Hat and Manual work

Natural mix of no and dofollow, anchored and naked URLs



1. Do you guarantee links?

We cannot guarantee you a certain number of links. All we can guarantee is to ensure the agreed-upon hours of effort for the package you have selected are provided.

2. Do you offer discounts?

If you opt for one of our other services, such as content creation, we are open to negotiating a package deal. Otherwise, prices for our link building packages are fixed.

3. Are the links safe?

Yes, absolutely. All links you receive as a result of our outreach will be the best kind — natural — rather than paid.

3. Are the links safe?

Yes, absolutely. All links you receive as a result of our outreach will be the best kind — natural — rather than paid.

4. Are the links permanent?

That will depend upon the individual site’s policy.

5. Do you use foreign links?

If you want links to English-only websites, be sure to specify that when we are planning your outreach campaign. We will never solicit links from sources you are not comfortable with.

6. What if I want a custom outreach campaign?

We’d be delighted to work with you to create one. Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss how to proceed.

7. How long will it take to see results?

We require at least one month of commitment for you to see results from our efforts. Natural link building demands time, and we ask that you be patient to see a return on your investment.

8. How do I pay?

You can pay us via PayPal.

9. Can I cancel my order if I’m not satisfied?

We cannot refund you for the time our staff has spent on outreach. However, if you decide to cancel an ongoing order, we will only charge you for the completed hours of work.

10. Can I show off the links I get?

Yes, in fact — we encourage it. All of our links are worth being proud of, nothing Grey Hat or artificial here.