Top Influencers in Marketing That Every Newbie Should Follow

influencers in marketing

Have you seen these three letters thrown about on the marketing newsletters and articles you receive in your inbox? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to increasing traffic to your site for free and there’s a lot to learn about the process.

It doesn’t get more convenient than using your go-to platforms to do that. Many experts across the marketing industry utilize social media, blogs, and podcasts to share their knowledge and SEO is certainly no exception. 

For the newbies out there, you need to follow the top influencers for SEO to keep up with the game. We’ve got a few go-to accounts to share with you.

The top influencers in marketing that every newbie to SEO should follow include:


Marketing Influencers Online

Influencers on social media and other platforms come from all positions within society. They could run their own business or carry high standing in a big organization—others have attained celebrity status. 

One thing they all have in common is that they build and maintain relationships with their followers.

In return, the best can expand their reach, influencing their current audience while gaining others from outside their immediate field. The digital world provides the exact landscape needed for this attention to accumulate, thanks to its far-reaching effects. 

It’s a win-win for the followers and marketers alike. Newbies have a lot to gain from tapping into these communities. You can build your niche site and learn from the best, all from the comfort of your own workstation. You’ll find topics ranging from SEO to content marketing, among many others.

Top Influencers in Marketing for SEO Newbies

Amp up your business opportunities by including these major influencers on your must-follow list:

1. Daryl Rosser

This young man has made a name for himself with SEO and his epic podcast is proof of that. The intriguing sound bites boast an impressive array of interviewees from the industry including Ryan Stewart and more.

You don’t want to dismiss the insights you’ll gain from digital marketing here. Scan through over 70 episodes, with more on the way.

Daryl inspires me and I’d be ashamed if I didn’t spread the word about his brilliant work. He’s worked in the industry for around 10 years and he’s helped numerous brands with their digital marketing campaigns.

His company, “Lion Zeal,” aims to support digital marketers in their quests and he comes with the enthusiasm to make it happen. Follow him on Facebook, too, where you can join his group that has over 20,000 members to date.

Daryl Rosser Twitter

2. Neil Patel 

Neil Patel himself is a brand in his own right and an example of how influencers in marketing can quickly rise to celebrity status. Co-founder of Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics and Hello Bar, Patel lends his expertise to corporations like Amazon, Viacom and NBC, to name a few. Quick Sprout is another prominent site that Neil developed.

There are very few digital marketers and bloggers who haven’t heard about this marketing guru. I’m a huge fan favorite of his “Neil Knowledge” videos on YouTube, in particular.

He’s generous with his knowledge as he shows his followers how to engage with their websites and fix marketing errors. You can visit his website at and follow him on LinkedIn where he shares insightful articles. 

3. Matt Diggity

He’s a tried and true SEO specialist who’s earned a solid reputation in the marketing world with his successful techniques. One of the many roles that Diggity plays is hosting the annual SEO conference in Chiang Mai.

If you’re struggling with gaining that much-needed traffic, you can’t miss him. Not only does he offer SEO coaching, but his company, Diggity Marketing, provides outsourced services to boot. His Affiliate Lab is particularly useful for people like our clients who work with websites in this crazy-competitive industry.

His facebook group is yet another place you’ll want to add to your go-to list. It’s all about SEO and works in conjunction with the Lab. Don’t miss out on his tweets, either: @mattdiggityseo.

matt diggity twitter

4. Brian Dean

If you haven’t heard of Brian Dean yet, he’s another go-to man for SEO. He’s one of my favorite people to follow for his brilliant tips in gaining online traffic.

To prove his expertise, he was labeled as an “SEO genius” by If SEO rankings have you stumped, you’ll look no further, literally.

His well-revered blog on his company’s site contains tons of resources for newbie marketers. Dean built Backlinko (read: backlinks are important!) to help companies sort through their link-building difficulties.

Expect practical advice without all the added fluff and unnecessary lingo that often accompanies blogs. I also enjoy following Brian on Twitter @backlinko where he’s straight and to the point on how to get the job done successfully.

Brian Dean Twitter

5. Gary Vaynerchuk 

Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO of VaynerMedia, an advertising company that services a Fortune 100 client base.

It all started for Vaynerchuk in a clever way, back in the 90s, after opening an e-commerce platform for wine. His early investments in the virtual world also include the likes of Tumblr and Uber, among others.

This man’s success doesn’t stop there, though, as he’s made the New York Times Best Seller list five times. His books include “The Thank You Economy” and “Crush It,” among other titles.

Gary focuses much of his work around content creation and strategy, which you can benefit from on his blog or podcast. You can also follow him on twitter through @garvee. He keeps things interesting with fun graphics and he’s never shy to share valuable content from others, either.

Gary V

6. Gael Brenton and Mark Webster

These guys are trailblazers at ramping up online businesses. Authority Hacker is all about educating people, including many of our clients, on how to make websites thrive.

One out of many services they offer are courses in affiliate marketing. They can help you build your niche site from the very get-go, teaching you how to earn a successful income along the way. 

For the best SEO tactics and techniques, you can follow Gael’s blog and podcast. He covers topics such as the Chiang Mai SEO conference, link building and more.

Other resources offered by these awesome dudes include their recommendations for online marketing tools. Follow the company on twitter @authorityhacker where they’re generous with their retweets and announce essential live chat moments.

Gael Podcast

Follow These Influencers in Marketing Now! 

Are you weak in your linking practices or looking for SEO tips? Maybe you lack a solid content marketing strategy. The top influencers in marketing that every newbie to SEO should follow can help.

You have access to their knowledge and it’s an endless treasure trove out there. There’s no need to feel all alone. By following Patel and the others, you can keep up with the trends and stay on top of your marketing mission. 

Don’t overlook the importance of marketing your content—or the marketers who generate leads for you. Contact Clever Touch Marketing today to discuss your business goals and how our content marketing team can help you.

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