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What is HARO and Why Use It?


If you’re not familiar with Help A Reporter Out, let us get you acquainted. 


Basically, it’s a platform that allows journalists to connect with sources through thrice-daily newsletters. Emails are sent out Mondays to Fridays packed with queries from reporters across a broad range of categories. A few examples are Business & Finance, Travel, and Health & Lifestyle.


So, how can this help you and your business?


For one, there are queries from reporters writing for high-DR authority sites such as Medium and Forbes. Good linking practices are vital for success in the SERPs, and backlinks can make a massive difference.


If your HARO pitch is selected, they’ll feature you as a source in their story. That means your name and your website will gain visibility: your traffic and DR could shoot up overnight if you acquire a backlink with enough link juice. 


Next, it’s essentially the ultimate strategy for whitehat link building. There’s no payment exchanged, and you won’t suddenly acquire a massive number of links over a short period as with other tactics.  


All you’re doing is offering a reporter valuable commentary or information for their story. In exchange, you get a link back—it’s a win-win for everyone! 

How Does HARO Outreach Work?


It’s simple: we reply to queries on your behalf and document the process to provide you with an in-depth report at the end of the month. We can also reply on behalf of a site persona. 


All we need from you is:

  • An email address subscribed to HARO in your name or your persona’s name, and the password.

  • Your website link.

  • A short bio about you or your persona of choice.

  • Any social media accounts or a LinkedIn profile (not necessary, but some reporters ask for these tidbits).

  • A headshot.  


Then, we dedicate 15 hours of outreach across the month to your site, replying to queries daily from Monday to Friday.

At the end of the HARO outreach month, you’ll receive the following:

Query Report


A sheet detailing each query we’ve replied to, which includes: 

  • The query.

  • The HARO edition (e.g. Master HARO, Friday Afternoon Edition).

  • Query number.

  • Query email.

  • Journalist name (if available).

  • Site name (if available).

  • Query deadline.

  • Date responded.

  • Outcome (if any).

Time Report


A screenshot of how your 15 hours of outreach were distributed across the month via our time-monitoring software.


Screenshots of each pitch we have sent out, organized in folders according to the date. 

Wondering about results?

some of the sites we gained links from for our clients:


#1. Do You Guarantee Links?


Due to the nature of the service, we cannot guarantee links for you. All we can do is put in the time on your behalf replying to pitches and hoping to snag an epic link. 


However, we are generally successful at whipping up enticing pitches that reporters are eager to use.


#2. Do Your HARO Employees Have Niche-Specific Expertise?


Although our HARO employees are professional writers, they do not possess niche-specific expertise. We do try to pair clients with an employee with relevant experience if available, e.g. if you’re in the crafts niche, we’ll pair you with an employee who enjoys crafts as a hobby. 


#3. What’s Your Average Success Rate?


How many links we get is dependent on several variables, such as your site niche and how broad we can go when replying to queries. 


If your niche is software engineering and you only want us to reply to relevant queries, we might not have as many questions per day to reply to. However, if you add to your bio that you also enjoy gardening and cooking, we can branch out and answer more queries.


Get started today! 


Disclaimer: Please note that as our HARO Outreach service is extremely popular we have limited availability and only book clients on a month-by-month basis.


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