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We’re happy to share our business insights and knowledge with all our current and prospective clients. Our company has a wealth of experience, and we want our blog to demonstrate that.


Of course, we have an ulterior motive too—we want to showcase our service and what we’re capable of.


A member of the CTM team produces every post. Think of this part of our site as a way to get to know us better, and get an idea of what the talented individuals who will work on your site can do.


If you want to know how to navigate these pages to your best advantage, let us give you the lowdown on which section is right for what you’re looking for:


Content Marketing


This is our bread and butter; and something that any entrepreneur can profit from. We work with sites to produce both visual and written pieces as needed. That includes custom infographics, comprehensive and original articles, copy for your site, and more.


If your site isn’t bringing in traffic and your social platforms are losing traction, you may need to work on your marketing. Remember that this form of marketing can encompass a sizable number of tactics: identifying and connecting with your target audience, selecting the correct keywords, staying active on your social platforms, etc.


Our articles detail tactics we use in our everyday work, as well as approaches that have made a difference in our sites and those that we manage for our clients.



Affiliate Marketing


If you’re an affiliate site, you’ve come to the right place. The bulk of our work consists of affiliate site building—in fact, we have an e-book on the different types of articles and 

suggested templates for each.


Arming yourself with information is essential whichever niche your site is in. We know what approaches will work and what won’t where it concerns taking your site to the next level.


We’re also well aware that competition is fierce and it’s a never ending battle to stay ahead. In this section, we share advice for you as an affiliate site owner to boost site traffic, expand your audience base, and improve your ROI.


Our posts are prepared by SEO experts who have work experience on sites across a diverse variety of niches. Whether you’re targeting golfers or you’re all about baby care, we have you covered.




SEO Optimization


SEO is a crucial consideration regardless of what field of work you’re in. One way or another, your business demands a digital presence—even more so if your site is brand new.


There’s a wide range of features that make up a site in perfect SEO health. It isn’t only about using the right keywords or catchy titles, there’s much more to it than that.


As we provide a full monthly SEO management service to many of our clients, we’re obliged to keep up with current and changing trends, from Google algorithms to the ideal length for meta descriptions. SEO practices won’t be an advantage to your site if you’re one or two steps behind the competition.


Our articles cover all facets of SEO, from the influencers you need to be following to explanations of vital concepts that can work to your benefit.




Writing Tips


If you’re struggling to work on articles for your site but find yourself staring at a blank page, perhaps our expert team of writers and editors can help.


We offer tried-and-true techniques and strategies to keep your work ethic up, create interesting and informative pieces, and ensure everything you’re writing is 100-percent new and original.


Our staff also clear the air about common tricky language issues, like the differences between commonly used words.


You can also discover practical tools to refine and enhance your work. Plus, we offer guidance on how to add engaging media to your site, good practices for internal linking, and more.

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