Affiliate Starter Package

Your Guide to Success

What Is The Affiliate Starter Package?

Are you ready to launch an affiliate site, but you’re not sure where to begin? Does the idea of writing content, finding a website host, and setting up your branding intimidate you?


Our Affiliate Starter Package will get your website off the ground with all the basics you need to go from unknown to superstar in your industry.


Our concierge-style service saves you the hassle of dealing with multiple freelancers. We have an experienced team of SEO-certified professionals who will handle:

  • Logo and branding design.
  • Website design (five pages).
  • WordPress affiliate theme and plugin installation.
  • Keyword and topic research.
  • 20,000 words of SEO conversion content.
  • Full site audit of on and off-page SEO optimization.
  • Social media set up and branding pack.
  • Link building set up.

Who Is The Affiliate Starter Package For?

Anyone who is interested in starting an affiliate site.


Building an affiliate site requires a specialized set of skills—not to sound like Liam Neeson in Taken—and a considerable time investment.


Our package is designed to bypass that difficult start-up phase and get your site up and running so that when you take the reigns, ongoing maintenance is all that’s needed. 


If you need our help once your Affiliate Starter Package is complete, we would be happy to step in. Check out our full monthly packages for content creation and for SEO services. 


We have a highly experienced in-house team that includes:


  • Qualified, native-English writers and editors.
  • SEMrush-certified SEO team familiar with keyword and topic research across a wide range of niches.
  • Website designer. 
  • Graphic designer. 
  • Social media manager.
  • A project manager who is available to address all your questions, concerns, and comments throughout the entire process.

What Do Our Clients Say?

After going through a fantastic course about how to set up an authority site, I was absolutely sure I needed real professional help to hold me up in the journey I was just about to start.

As I wanted to hit the ground running, I knew I had to invest – I was ready for that, it’s a bussiness after all! – to get the best I could possibly have.

That’s when I came across CTM’s content and design services.

That was the best move I could have made.

From web design to their main speciality, content creation, they have being doing an outstanding job!

I’m very picky when it comes to writing, but their team can handle complex themes in long articles in a fluid, beautiful and also engaging language. Only relevant information is highlighted after a deep research about the subject, with no fluff, all put together with stunning images and infographics.

Tumbs up too for how super organized and coordinated the team is.

My site is about to be lauched and I’m very optimistic about how it’s going to perform in the long term, specially if I keep being coached by Jenny and Nadine, and being able to count on their competent and technical team of designers and writers.

This is a partnership I want to keep down the road indefinitely!

Thank you for reading,

Patricia from Pedal Lovers

What SEO Services Do We Provide?

Our system is based on extensive research and years of experience building and working with affiliate sites. Here’s what to expect when you sign on:


Step #1: Consultancy Call

Firstly, we want to discuss your content strategy with you. Tell us what your goals are, your timeline, and your ideal outcome for your affiliate site. We’ll discuss aspects like branding, target audience, chosen niche, and more. 


Step #2: Logo and Branding

Our graphic designer will whip up a logo and branding schematic based on your preferences. 


Step #3: Website Theme and Basic Set-Up

Then, the website designer will add a theme to your website and add in the foundations: your home page, about us, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and affiliate disclaimer. We’ll provide the content for those pages too. 


Step #4: Keyword and Topic Research

Our expert SEO team will get started on your keyword and topic research so that we can begin producing content. 


Step #5: Content Creation

Your 20,000 words of content, based off initial keyword research, are assigned to our most senior writers and editors, at Gold Level. We upload the content to your site for you.

Step #6: Social Media

We’ll create 30 custom social media posts for you. If you want us to manage your social media too, we can manage that: check out our social media management service here


Step #7: Site Audit

You’ll receive a full site audit to guarantee your new affiliate site has an SEO health of 90 percent or higher. If you want to keep it there, we offer ongoing SEO maintenance as one of our SEO services.


Step #8: Backlink Set Up

We will perform a competitor analysis to see where your best possible chances of link building are. Once your content gets off the ground, you can use this to prepare a link building campaign.


Step #9 Handing It Over

It’s time for us to hand over your affiliate site to you for ongoing management. By this point, it’s running smoothly with improved domain authority and all the essentials set up. 




Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Where Do I Order?


Send us an email and we’ll get your consultancy call booked to discuss your needs.


#2. Can I Customize the Affiliate Starter Package?


Yes, of course. If you only require certain services, we can provide a special rate for you. If you want to add other services, such as ongoing SEO maintenance or additional content, we can negotiate a price.


#3. How Do I Know What’s Going On with My Site?


We’re an extremely organized company, meaning you can expect detailed records and reports at every step of the process. 


#4. What’s the Timeline?


Barring any delays, the Affiliate Starter Package takes an average of three months to finalize. 


#5. How Is it Priced?


Each component of the Affiliate Starter Package is something we offer our clients as an individual service. Altogether, bundled services are less expensive than they are individually.  


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