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Here at Clever Touch, we are ready and waiting to deliver all your SEO needs. 


Want high quality content? No problem. 


Looking for backlinks? Yep, we do that too. 


Need a site audit and your on-page SEO handled? Boom, we’re on it. 


Our focus is (and always has been) SEO conversion content. Around 85 percent of our client base covers content production and management. Why? Because we get results. Fast. 


Although our inner William Wordsworth won’t let us scale back on the writing just yet, we do specialize in other areas of SEO. 


Our team is equipped to manage all aspects of on and off-page. When it comes to an affiliate site, we have everything you need under one roof. 


So, stop wasting time with freelancers and take your site to the top. 


It’s time to level-up. Are you ready? 


At Clever Touch, we’re proud to have built a comprehensive team of experienced professionals that allows us to specialize in a wide range of services. 


We strive to provide outstanding service in every respect, and our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Our project managers are always prompt to respond and address questions and concerns immediately.


Yes, we do primarily work with affiliate sites— but we offer solutions that any entrepreneur can take advantage of, such as backlink building and website design


Finally, we stand out in one other respect.


Although SEO is a male-dominated industry, we at Clever Touch like to go against the grain: our accomplished management team is exclusively female and staff ratio is 70/30. Our ladies are SEMrush qualified across all levels of SEO and associate members of the Chertered Institute of Marketing—no mansplaining needed here!


Let’s meet them:

Meet The Clever Touch Team

Jenny Abouobaia

Co-Founder, Director and SEO Specialist

Hannah Cooper

Staff Coordinator

Nadine Rabchenok

Social Media Manager

Helen Stevenson

Project Manager

Darrell Rogers

Project Manager

Mick Gallagher

Project Manager

Chris McDonald

Editorial Director

Polly Hyson

Chief Editor

Summer Worsley


Michelle Evans


Sean Masri

Senior Writer

Emilie Storgaard

Senior Writer

Cecilie Storgaard

Senior Writer

Taru Anniina Liikanen


Rahul K


Kristy Collier


Carel Chiarara


Alicy Mercy


M R System


Gaelle Vogt


Shanna Powell


Casper Feeny


Cynthia K


Tori Bell

Link Outreach Agent

Patricia Holmes

Link Outreach Agent

Jess Watson

Link Outreach Agent

Steven Clark

Link Outreach Agent

Chris Johnson

Link Outreach Agent

Mary Jordan

Link Outreach Agent

Islam Hegazy

Social Media Assistant

Mohamed Salah

Graphic Production Manager

Nada Gabar

Graphic Designer

Adel Mohamed

SEO Assistant

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