In 2016, a study showed that four out of 10 Americans are choosing to gather information online. This indicates that content marketing is well on its way to becoming a major avenue for reaching people.

Building a personal relationship with consumers is just one of the primary benefits of content marketing. Did you know there are plenty of other reasons to invest?


Reasons To Invest In Content Marketing


What Is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is an ever-expanding and fast-growing industry. This is because consumers respond positively to thoughtful and authentic content. It offers a focused and cost-effective approach that can generate leads and help build a long-lasting relationship with potential clients.

This form of marketing is personal yet educational, adding value to the consumer’s life while simultaneously earning their loyalty and trust.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing


Being a valuable content resource can have a positive impact on your business, but what are the primary takeaways for your company? Your top 10 reasons to invest in content marketing are here:


reasons to invest in content marketing


1. Builds Trust and Improves Brand Reputation


The more valuable the information is, the more inclined consumers are to make a purchase and return in the future. Eventually, this process leads to loyalty, which is an essential part of any business.

Moreover, content marketing uses transparency, slowly building trust between your brand and the consumer. The content you offer works to create not only brand awareness but also establishes a positive reputation.

When your leads notice your content showing up everywhere, they will identify you as an authoritative figure in the market. In this respect, content marketing can help you become a market leader and influencer.

2. Provides Great Conversion Rates


A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that complete the desired outcome. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a sale. It could be filling out an information form, for example, or signing up for a newsletter.

Creating and sharing valuable content on your website improves your marketing leads both in quantity and quality. Your conversions can then see an increase as you establish a connection with each lead that pops up.

You’re encouraging action on behalf of the consumers by providing them with the information necessary to take an educated step.

3. Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO is the practice of increasing traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Specific, optimized content plays a critical role in this by reaching your target audience. SEO increases visibility and awareness for your brand or business online.

The more content you have on your website, the more pages search engines have to index. As a result, the higher your Google rankings will be.

Creating blog posts, for example, that are focused on different topics relevant to your target audiences, gives your website a better chance of being found. When consumers search for their specified keywords, that content then pops up in the results.

4. Increases Backlinking


A backlink is a link on another website that links to your website. It usually takes the form of a hyperlink. Great content helps earn backlinks and Google takes these as an indication that your website is providing valuable content.

Backlinking has many benefits including:

  • Increasing your audience.
  • Elevating your page’s authority.
  • Gaining heavy traffic in a short period.
  • Ranking higher in search engine results for keywords.

5. Bolsters Your Marketing Strategy


Your business’s digital marketing strategy has a lot of moving parts. At the center of it should be high-quality, engaging content that you can use in various segments of your marketing campaigns.

From email marketing to PPC ads, content is the foundation of these tactics. You can then use pieces of already-created content in different strategies as you see fit. This archive is then ready at your disposable and can save your company time and money in the long-run as well.

6. Supports Consumers Through the Buyer’s Journey


Converting visitors into leads is one of the biggest strengths of content marketing. With it, you can guide the potential customer through the entire buying process.

You can alter and mold your content to fit every stage along the way. From awareness to consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy, creating matching content for each step will help nurture your relationship with the client.

Be patient, consistent and informative.

7. Benefits Your Return on Investment


Your ROI (return on investment) benefits here. For starters, content marketing has lower upfront costs compared with paid search options.

Secondly, research indicates that more and more consumers are paying less attention to ads. Whether they choose to turn them off or take control in other ways, paid advertisements are suffering.

This indicates that spending your hard-earned money on organic content could be a safer, and more successful, way to go.

8. Helps Target the Right Audience


What makes content marketing so useful is its power to attract ideal buyers. This group is those actively searching for and interested in the product or service you offer. It means they’re more likely to hang around and read your content as well.

Furthermore, there’s a greater chance they will click-through your landing page and possibly even fill out a personal information form or questionnaire.

To reap the fruits of your marketing efforts, you need to have targeted content that reflects a comprehensive understanding of your audience. Content marketing allows you to insert the appropriate messaging required to nurture these individuals.

9. Makes for Shareable Content


If the content you have on your website is informative and engaging, readers are more likely to share it on social media platforms. It’s especially the case if you’re offering expert information or solutions to common problems.

This gives you more exposure, thus upping your chances of more traffic to your site.

10. Gives Consumers a Reason to Visit


Once you establish yourself as a trusted resource, people will continue to recognize you as an authoritative name in the market. This will encourage them to return to your website whenever they have questions or are looking for recommendations.

Delivering quality content keeps your target audience engaged and forms a community around your content.


reasons to invest in content marketing


Invest Now to Reap the Benefits


Gone are the days of dumping money into paid advertisements.

Content marketing is the way to go. It’s versatile and cost-effective, producing quality, long-term leads and a loyal customer base along the way. By creating engaging and informative content, you bolster your brand and improve your reputation.

Clever Touch Marketing bases all of its content creation and marketing efforts on these core principles. We churn out high-quality content to fit the needs of your business and targeted audiences.

Is your company interested? We’re ready to serve.

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